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Latest stable release is 1.7.1 It was released 2020-04-05.

Memo news

1.7.1: 2020-04-05

Version 1.7.1 released.

Just a bugfix release, mostly related to Makefile portability.

1.7: 2019-06-12

Version 1.7 released.

Add supports for long options for easier beginner usage.

1.6: 2015-03-20

Version 1.6 released.

Memo now has support for colors. Colors are disabled by default, but can be easily enabled via .memorc property USE_COLORS=yes. See man page for more detailed information about how to customize default colors. Colors are not supported on Windows.

Malloc return values are no longer casted. Casting malloc is unnecessary in C.

Memo now supports $XDG_CONFIG_HOME environment variable when looking for .memorc file. See the man page for more information.

1.5: 2015-01-01

Version 1.5 released.

Memo can now export notes to a CSV file.

In ~/.memorc a property MARK_AS_DONE can be set. The property takes a valid date(yyyy-MM-dd) as a value. When set Memo will automatically mark notes older than the date as done.

New command line flag -O added. With -O Memo reorders note id codes. For example if there's notes with id codes 1,4 and 5 they will become 1,2 and 3.

Search is no longer case sensitive.

On Windows Memo now uses _ as a file prefix instead of a dot. So on Windows .memorc is _memorc and .memo is _memo. However, Windows is not officially supported. Use Cygwin instead if on Windows.

This release includes multiple bug fixes and to avoid code duplication several helper functions where added.

As this version had increasing number of contributors I'm not going to list all the people here. Thanks for all the contributors for bug fixes and feature suggestions.

1.4: 2014-11-21

Version 1.4 released.

Version 1.4 implements new features as well as portability fixes.

Memo can now replace existing note without touching the id of the note. Note replace functionality is behind -r flag.

It's now possible to add multiple notes at once using -i flag. When flag -i is used Memo reads notes from stdin until the end of transmission (^D).

Memo can now show only undone notes with flag -u.

Flag -s is now depracated. Same functionality is available by simply typing "memo".

Adding a note from stdin is now behind flag - instead of just command "memo". This change was made since it's more logical to show the notes when user types "memo" than assume input from stdin. Besides flag - is pretty standard for reading from stdin.

This version also includes various portability fixes for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Thanks for Mikael Berthe for new ideas, Aaron Massey for Mac OS X related fixes and Mattn for Windows related changes. Thanks also for other contributors I possibly forgot to mention.

1.3: 2014-11-06

Version 1.3 released.

This release brings new features as well as bugfixes.

-D option now asks for confirmation. It's possible to disable it via ~/.memorc property. See manpage for more.

Added -o option to display all notes organized by date.

Help (-h) is now shorter and all the examples are available in the man page.

BUGFIX: Memo no longer makes unnecessary file accessing.
BUGFIX: Improve error reporting in various ways.
BUGFIX: Better way to check if a file exists. This should add reliability and probably fixes problems what Memo had when running on Jolla mobile phone.

Thanks for Mikael Berthe for noticing small bugs.

1.2: 2014-10-30

Bugfix version 1.2 released.

This is an important fix and everyone must upgrade. Memo assumed that the id is always one char long. This caused a problem where note status could not be changed if the id was > 9.

Thanks for Mikael Berthe for noticing this bug.

1.1: 2014-10-29

Stable version 1.1 released.

Notes can be now marked as postponed. See man page for more information.

Memo path can be now set using MEMO_PATH environment variable. See man page for more information.

BUGFIX: Prevent Memo from adding empty notes.

1.0: 2014-10-24

First official release of Memo. File format is now stable and documented.

Different note statuses are now supported. Notes can be "undone" or "done".

BUGFIX: Fixed a minor memory leak in main().

0.9: 2014-10-20

It's now possible to change the path where Memo stores notes. See manpage for more information.

Some refactoring of the codebase was also made. Couple of minor bugfixes were made, Memo should be now even more stable.

0.8: 2014-10-19

Notes can be now searched with regular expressions. POSIX.2 basic regular expressions are supported. This was chosen to achieve compatibility with tools such as grep and sed.

Added manual page memo(1).

0.7: 2014-10-15

It's now possible to add a note with custom date. For example one could do memo -a "Text for the short note" 2014-24-12. If date is omitted, current date will be used.

0.6: 2014-10-11

Initial release. Memo was originally implemented in Java, but that was an ugly hack. Version 0.6 is now rewritten in C99 and has proper support for reading from stdin among other things.

Added "delete all" option. Also fixed unnecessary errors when ~/.memo does not exist.

Applied patches from Jari Aalto. Includes code readability fixes as well as improves help.

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