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Last updated: 2021-04-24

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Sometimes when riding bicycle for long periods of time, I start to think very mundane things again and again. Seems like that I can find something new in them. Something different. Something that is not so mundane.

Those mundane things of everyday life start to feel mystical. Things like falling leaves, shiny asphalt after the rain, or things like railroads. Railroads in particular. They are symbols of what we have left of our true freedom. An illusion of freedom. Think about it. Train can only go where the rails go. In some sense, we humans have similar limitations. Our lives are restricted by an arbitrary rules and regulations. You're as free as the society lets you be. Human is like a locomotive on a railroad.

Well enough of that, let's continue...

This time my ride took me on new roads to places I've had not seen before. The weather was beautiful. It was an early morning. Quiet countryside roads lead me from small village to another...until...

House and a story

I saw an old overgrown area which obviously used to be a yard back in the day. There was an empty, abandoned house, small shed and some kind of sauna building too.

an old, abandoned house

Suddenly I felt sadness, I felt that the place was somehow different. Lonely. There was misery in the air. I can't really explain it. What I saw next just made the feeling stronger. There was an old kid's platter in the ground.

Kid's platter

Next to the platter was an old frame of a soapbox car. Clearly, these things belonged to some kid or kids.

Soapbox car

There was an old-broken car in the shed, multiple shoes and just junk. What was the story behind the family(?) who once lived here? It's likely that the story is not anything special. It just might be that long hours on the road make things look like there is something mystical about every little detail. On the other hand, our world is a mystical place for those who seek behind the curtains. Who knows.

134 years

Later on the same day, I stopped by an old stone fence. I noticed that one of the rocks had carvings on it. There was 1887 carved on it and some date. Presumably, it's been 134 years since someone did this carving. Have you ever thought about all the things the very place you're at this very moment have seen? Imagine yourself at your current place 134 years ago. What do you see around you?

Old carving on a rock


This blog post was more or less just a highway of my thoughts and pondering about things I have seen and felt.

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